Steps in making tea

To begin with, guarantee that the utensils that you use for making tea are perfect.

See that the water is crisp and clean. Whatever be the wellspring of the water, be it tap, spring or channel, it ought to be scrumptious and unscented beyond what many would consider possible.

Try not to utilize effectively bubbled water or refined water. Continuously utilize new and chilly water.

While planning tea with drain, add the tea to the drain. Try not to add drain to the container with tea. This empowers smoother blending of tea with drain.

f you are utilizing powdered drain, put the whitener into the container first.

Never utilize cool fluid drain. It will ruin the essence of some hot tea. Warmth the drain before you fill the container.

You can add sugar or sweetener to the glass whenever.

Never include lemon with drain. The corrosive in lemon juice will respond with the drain. Subsequently the drain will turn sour.

In the event that you need to utilize toppings like ginger, cardamom or cove leaf into your container, include it while the water is bubbling.

Never utilize the microwave to warm the tea.

Making tea – know the means:

Put new water into the pot and put it ablaze. The estimation for a standard container ought to be around 200 ml (six and a half ounce). With one liter water you will get some tea. The temperature of the water might be somewhat unique for various assortments of tea as underneath:

You realize that the white or green tea leaves are particularly fragile. Henceforth keep away from utilization of over bubbled water. Over warmed water may decimate the kind of the tea. Thus utilize cooler water as it were. This will remove the correct kinds of green and white tea. Henceforth keep the water temperature level inside 165-185 °F (74 to 85 °C). You will get this temperature just before the bubbling begins.

Oolong Tea

As you most likely are aware, oolong tea is an incompletely oxidized tea. Consequently it has a little trace of greenness of green tea with generally brownness of dark tea. So you ought to guarantee that the water temperature is inside the scope of 200 to 205°F (93 to 96°C).

Dark tea

At the season of its creation, tea leaves are permitted to oxidize completely. Henceforth splendid shading and solid flavor are the sign of a quality dark tea. To extricate the best out of it, you will require more sizzling water for legitimate mixture of dark tea. The ideal level of temperature run for dark tea is around 200 to 212 F (93-100°C).

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